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Redbud in the rain

Redbuds in the rain outside the Air & Space Museum – Washington DC

An anticipated trip to Photoshop World in Washington DC this spring had a few unexpected twists… but then, what trip does not? The conference has moved from Boston to Orlando and now to DC… and in perfect time for the early arrival this year of the Cherry Blossoms!! Were there Cherry Blossoms? YES! Are these the blossoms (above)? NO. The famous blossoms were where they always are… around the Tidal Basin near the Thomas Jefferson Memorial… beautiful in all their glory! And… mobbed by what had to be around 300,000 people… all wanting to stand and take their pictures in the very spot that I was standing. A few moments… a few clicks and I fled to find my (nearly invisible to everyone else) dumpster with it’s rusting illusions of desert scenes and chipped paint that looked like turtles or bison depending on your personal vision! The circus of the Tidal Basin and it’s attractions had lost it’s appeal (at least at that time of day!) by the time we waded our way through the picnickers, kite-flyers, cell phone snapping Buddhist monks, men on stilts, port-a-john cleaners, tourists from every country on the planet and maybe one or two other planets… and a pews worth of brides and grooms… and found a DC cab to whisk us away. The next day the rains started and the Air and Space Museum was filled with (I swear!) the exact same crowd at the Tidal Basin… but… they had had additional children by then!!! The number of strollers had increased by a factor of at least 6! The distraction of having a conference was welcome. Perhaps DC is the place to hold this massive download of technical information after all.


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