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Editing images from a journey to a lovely part of the planet that boasts of being a perpetual summer can’t help but become a ‘one note’ song. The Caribbean light… the ease of breath… the emotionally healing brightness next to deep blue shadows. Even at night the clear sky and lack of city lights reveal our actual place in the cosmos… and it’s dazzling. But, seeing all the images together… sweeping your eyes over the whole of them… you become aware of the few dark notes that are there. A change of mood, here and there. A warning sky the sends the sails tacking for the nearest port… the sudden shower that turns into the darkest of downpours… or waking one morning to face living in the grey/black cloud for a few hours… or a day. Whenever they come upon us, they’re reminders of the real world out there, just beyond our vision… just at the end of the next flight for New York, or Minneapolis… or Seattle.

Soon enough though, we’re distracted by the prevailing bright weather patterns. At home our vacation snapshots transport us into the light. But, here they are in front of me… amid all that brightness… the images that display their dark beauty from my computer screen. The seldom seen island of Saba, usually shrouded in clouds, makes an appearance after a storm. We had looked at this view every day without realizing how close it was… and suddenly there it was. If it looks threatening to you, you’re not the first. Locals tell us that scenes from the King Kong movie were filmed there. I wouldn’t doubt it!


Saba appears in a dark mood


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