After 20+ years of being without a family companion dog… Jack has become a member of our family. We’ve had one wonderful Standard Poodle, Brewster… who was such a hard act to follow that we didn’t even try to replace him. And Scout… our son Chris’ Standard who was the loveable goofball of the family… and now… Jack.

Update October 24, 2012 – I drove out to Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA to see my good friend Anne before she left for the sunny climes of Florida for the winter… and to see if Jack would enjoy his first time running on an open beach. Jack was most enthusiastic about the fine white sand along the path through the dunes… romping and playing, putting his nose in the sand and running back and forth. Then he reached the top of the dune hill where there is a steep set of stairs down to the beach below. I don’t know what he thought of the wide expanse of sand or the ocean beyond… but, he ran all the way back to the porch and no amount of persuasion would temp him to the stairs again. So we’ll have to try again when public beaches open to dogs in the off-season.

Ready to go! He hasn’t looked over the top yet!

Not going any further!

He was satisfied to play on the dune path… too scary up by the steps!

Update October 18, 2012 ~ Road Trip!! This time to Atlanta, Georgia to see the Sam and Ben and Chris and Kim… and meet Huckleberry. Huck is lonesome now that his companions are gone… Belle last year and Scout this past summer. It’s been hard on him, but he enjoyed having Jack around for a few days. We had the opportunity to visit a huge new Dog Park nearby and were impressed with the facility, the variety of dogs and Jack’s behavior with the other dogs. He’s learned a lot at Dog Gone Runnin’ Farm about being in a pack and socializing with others.

Road trip! We stop for a picnic… long drive 18 hours to Atlanta!

Boston to Atlanta ~ October 2012

Huckleberry and Jack waiting… watching…

Jack loves soccer… who knew? With Chris, playing very forward!

We wouldn’t doubt he could play!

Finding a place from the sun at the soccer game wasn’t easy.

The Dog Park in Georgia built by Animal Planet.


Update October 8, 2012 ~ A few recent photos. We’re about to leave on our second driving trip… a long one… to Atlanta to see Chris and Kim and the boys. Jack has been a good traveler… hope this time too. Weighed him yesterday at 49 pounds.

Update September 16, 2012 ~ We’ve known and loved some special Standard Poodles. Here are a few of our closest that I have pictures of…



Brewster was our first Standard Poodle. Chris grew up with this sweet, gentle dog. He moved with us to Boston in 1987 and when Chris went away to college in the fall of 1989, we lost Brewster that December.



This is Chris’ lovely Scout. We lost him in July of this year at age 12. We miss you Scout. We so wanted Jack and Scout to meet but it was not to be.



Of course we have to put Jack’s picture in here among the Poodles!!



This gorgeous lady is Star. She is Jack’s mommy and lives in CT with breeders Delana and Mark Severs at Mandala Standard Poodles. There are not two more caring and careful breeders of this wonderful breed of dog.

Jack made some new friends on our long driving trip in August to Ohio. Here are pictures of Cooper (M) who lives at Burr House in Wauseon, Ohio. Cooper runs all the way to the street and gets the paper out of the box every morning. And HarperLee (F) who lives with our friends Jim and Suzanne Blaser in Cleveland. HarperLee shared all her toys with Jack. A lot of them looked familiar!



August 5, 2012 ~ Pictures from July. Jack loved having Sam and Ben here.
Me, too! Miss you boys!!

Ben made this drawing of his Scout and our Jack when he visited in July.

Update July 13, 2012 ~ Jack is almost seven months old and about 41 pounds. He’s going through a growth spurt and his legs look impossibly long to me. But… he’ll be growing in to them in the next couple of weeks. He will probably be around 60 pounds which is about what the breeder said his parents are as adults.

These are pictures from May and June and one from just last week. There are more from when the boys were here first week of July. I’ll put them up as soon as I can. Ben and Sam loved Jack and the feeling was mutual!! He was lost the days after they left.

Watching outside7-7-12

Snooze 6-25-12

Yard play with Rog 5-25-12

Inspecting the garden

Greetings 5-7-12

Shade 5-7-12

19 weeks 5-7-12

Buddies 5-3-12

Doggy kisses 5-3-12

These photos are from Jacks first few months at home with us.

Tryin' out the hotel bed 4-28-12

Tryin’ out the hotel bed 4-28-12

Stowe Mtn Inn 4-28-12

Stowe Mtn Inn 4-28-12

Snow play 4-28-12

Snow play 4-28-12

Puppy class graduate 4-25-12

Puppy class graduate 4-25-12

Dave and Jack 4-12-12
Dave and Jack 4-12-12

Goin' for a ride 3-29-12

Goin’ for a ride 3-29-12

My toys 3-22-12

My toys 3-22-12

Jack- 11 weeks

Jack- 11 weeks 3/20/12

These photos are from when Jack first came home with us March 11, 2012.

Jack - 10 weeks 3-12-12

Jack – 10 weeks 3-12-12

He’s 10 weeks old… knows his name… is unsure about the hardwood floors here… already knows that treats are given out near the kitchen sink… has slept his first night all the way through… and he’s been here less than 24 hours. His other ‘mommy’, Delana… Jack’s wonderful, caring breeder in Orange, Connecticut at Mandela Standard Poodles is responsible for his good behavior and him knowing his name… among other wonderful things that come with one of her dogs. Thank you, Delana! And… welcome, Jack!

Play bow

Play bow


Explorer 3/12/12

Just home 3-11-12

Just home 3/11/12

These first pictures we took when we visited the puppies February 7th 2012. The puppies were 6 weeks old. They weren’t ready to go to their homes but were so sweet and playful, we fell in love at once. There were 10 in the litter… 5 bossy girls and 5 sweet boys. Jack and Macy were the biggest boys and we waited for Delana to choose between them. She and Mark chose to keep Macy and we brought Jack home with us on March 11… 11 weeks old.

Our first visit

Our first visit 2/7/12

Everybody IN

Everybody IN 2/7/12

Puppy Jack… fell in love!! 2-7-12

Puppy magnet

Puppy magnet… Delana Severs at Mandala Standard Poodles 2/7/12


Kisses for Delana from the puppies! 2/7/12

Mommy's Love

Mommy’s Love… 2/7/12

Mommy Delana's kisses

Mommy Delana’s kisses 2/7/12

Tug game

Tug game 2/7/12

6 thoughts on “Jack!”

  1. Teddi Pearson said:

    What a cutie!!! Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!


  2. Sheila Hardwick said:

    OMG he is just so cute! You must be having so much fun with him. I remember when we got Katie I didn’t want to come to work – just wanted to stay home and play with her. Sounds like you and Dave are thoroughly enjoying him. If and when he likes car rides, Dave should bring him in for a visit!

    Love, Sheila


  3. This is great and Jack seems to a great Standard Poodle – I have one of Delana’s poodles now – ZuZu who was just a year old on Dec. 27th – she is a caring, responsible breeder and a wonderful friend – I also have a “rescue” white Standard, Ms. Diva who is now 7 and one big girl and now ZuZu and Diva are inseparable – Jack reminds me so much of my ZuZu – I really enjoyed all the pictures and glad Delana shared with me – Judi


    • Hello Judi! I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment on Jack’s page earlier! I’ve been trying to get back to this blog for a couple of months. Thanks for your great comment and it’s so nice to hear about ZuZu… Jack’s sister from Star’s litter last year. Yes, we have enjoyed getting to know Delana very much… and we agree that she is a very caring and responsible breeder. So nice that you have her for a friend. Have you posted any pictures of ZuZu or Ms. Diva anywhere? Facebook? I’d love to see them. I have some pics of Jack at Christmas that I want to put on his page so come back soon to visit again. Thanks again for coming by… and your kind note. Lots of love to your poodlekids from us! :))) Susana


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