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BOS - home again

BOS – home again

An awesome and exhausting three week period of time has ended… where it started… on the runway at Bostons Logan International Airport… an inspiring sunset on the other side of the plane as we landed… but, a lovely shadowed sky post-sunset as we taxied toward the awaiting jet-way. One more march through the endless terminals following the signs toward the dreaded carousels! Home again!

I’m longing to sit at my computer and begin editing multiple files marked “St Martin”, “Washington DC” and “Miami, FL”… (all separate trips from home) a whirlwind of packing and unpacking. Long for sitting in my pj’s and slippers, sipping coffee… a quiet studio in the early morning… the cold floor reminding me that the rumors of summer in New England are just that… rumors. But… no time for that! There’s a new puppy in the house and there are walks to take, puppy training to practice if we want the well-behaved dog we intend to have. A new schedule is in order and we will have to adapt.

It’s home… but a different home than the one we left almost a month ago. An addition to a family does that… but traveling itself does that, too. The world always seems different to me, smaller and bigger at the same time… like seeing the world with different eyes. I’m always anxious to see how it is different after I return home. Each of these recent trips opened a new file on my computer… and in my mind. As the processing proceeds, I hope I find the words to express what I’ve found so far from home… and what I’m managed to bring back home with me.

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