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…a small collection.

Yesterday I stumbled on one of the mermaid “Accidental Images” that I collect and… I wondered if I had others. I thought I’d remembered at least one other… and quick look through my files revealed several others! I love collecting this sort of “found art” everywhere… in peeling paint and rusty dumpsters.

Sometimes I see them and then take the photograph. Sometimes I see them through the viewfinder of my camera… and sometimes they don’t appear until I’m sitting at my computer looking through thumbnails of images. Some things need distance to be seen and a thumbnail is like looking through a keyhole… it focuses your attention.

However they are found or seen one thing is universal:

Afterwards, you can’t NOT see them!!

mermaid in blue

This lovely surfacing in a pale blue sea is actually
on the side of a shipping container sitting in a field,
rusting away… sigh.


A nighttime sighting of a surfacing mermaid on a moonless night.
I found her on a wall in St Martin… only a lovely mysterious
spot of rusty grime.

Mermaid on the Wall

This beauty was found on a crumbling stucco and brick wall in an
alley in Washington, DC. I went for the cherry blossoms and
came back with her. :)


The Sidewalk Mermaid is a favorite. I saw her before I captured the image.
She has a sister… the Sidewalk Bride… I’ll introduce
her at another time. Only mermaids today.