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Sidewalk mermaid

The photo above is from a ‘photowalk’ around the streets of Boston. It’s one of my collection of “Accidental Images” or things that I see in images that are hidden in plain view waiting to be discovered. I host a group on-line that finds and posts the hidden pictures that we find. (More later on that… ) In this image of a broken and repaired sidewalk near a construction site, I see a mermaid. Do you see her?

At the hardware store I found small cans of alcohol used for camp stoves. I was told that most people now use Sterno, a solid fuel… but the alcohol gave off no odor and was a lot hotter than a candle. And, best of all made no soot. So, I broke out some clay tools and had a go at some shaping the rough sketch of the mermaid from yesterday’s post. She is emerging… but I’ve already decided that I like some of the tool marks and her wild hair gathered with a ribbon in a couple places in the back. I don’t feel she should be too ‘finished’. A face is probably a good idea as well. :) Still a lot of shaping to do and find something that I can press into the wax that will give the impression of fish scales. She’s emerging but far from done. If she turns out to be something that I’d want bronzed, we’ll visit the foundry in Boston.