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On fine Autumn days like this we like to walk. Jack is the perfect excuse to walk and does so nicely for a 10 month old puppy, greeting people on the street without jumping and patient about being fussed over. Jack has one agenda during our walks and I have another. His is to smell anything and everything… and mine is to find something to capture in my camera. I don’t look for anything specific… just record what I find. Here’s what we found on our walk up North Street in Georgetown, Massachusetts: a spooky house, a ghost in a tree, several trees with faces, fall leaves, a dog in a birch tree, a flag in the breeze… among other things…

Shadow composition with red hydrant.

Ghost in the tree… a spooky figure in a hooded robe.

A spooky house appears abandoned… but, getting closer showed…

… a colorful object in the window suggests an unlikely resident.

A tree with a face.

A bittersweet wreath in the shadows.

A tree with a number of faces… a large one at the bottom looking left with a puffy cheek… a small face just below and to the right of the large one… a profile on the right side of the trunk (by the white cloud). At the top there appears to be a man standing with arms outstretched.

The beauty of the day reflecting in the water of a creek on North Street.

The true colors of fall leaves are revealed!

The most amazing found object… a complete dog in the bark of a birch tree.

Only days from an election… the American flags are everywhere.

Jack agrees that there are good smells on North Street. We’ll be back. :)